The Musical Journey of “The Rolling Stones” From Low To Peek

Rock music is one of the famous art forms that is passionately followed by millions of people globally. Additionally, dozens and dozens of bands rise up, showcasing their passion for music. One of the brilliant bands of all time is “The Rolling Stones,” the mesmerizing English rock band.

Here we are sharing the roller coaster ride of this rock band who introduced dozens of rock albums that blew the mind of musicophiles all around the world. If you are also a millennial musicophile, then continue reading the roller coaster ride of “The Rolling Stones.”

Introduction to “The Rolling Stones”

You might have heard numerous rock bands releasing every day new rock album; however, this particular band is one of the awesome bands of all the time. It was an English rock band that was formed in London in 1962. The members of the band were bandleader brian jones who was at the guitar, harmonica and keyboard, mick jagger the vocalist, Keith Richards guitarist, bill Wyman on bass, Charlie watts the drummer, lan Stewart, the pianist.  

The band went through a lot as some members of the band had left the band due to different reasons. Therefore, in this way, the band kept on amending but maintained itself even after so much happening.

 “The Rolling Stones” hitting heights

Well, the band came up with a varied number of singles, studio albums, live albums, and many other albums that were enjoyed by thousands of people at that very time. The band’s second UK rock album named the rolling stones no.2 released in 1965 that helped them in gaining exposure among musicophiles.

It was their first-ever album to be NO.1 in the charts. It got so popular a US version of the album was released in February named as the rolling stones, now that reached to the no.5 in the charts. That was the peak of their musical career and hit the heights in the music world. The band played more than 34 shows for around 100000 individuals across Australia and New Zealand. Another single album was released by the band named as the last time again hit to the UK charts becoming the number one. However, in the US charts, single managed to reach no.9 and was enjoyed by thousands.

The very first international album of the band was “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” that was recorded in 1965 during a tour of the band.

So yes, it can be said that the band hit the heights in the music world and mesmerized the world with their rock music form. The band stopped making music by 1969 due to their personal issues, and that was the dark times for The Rolling Stones” lovers.

Wrapping up Let us wrap this up as we have seen the musical journey of the famous musical rock band “The Rolling Stones.” Well, this was all about an English rock band that entertained the world with its rock album and singles, however, came to an end due to personal grudges.  

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