Our Top 3 Favorite Punk Albums

12 Cent’s – Bastard Music

Starts jumping up and down like the silly punk you are…NOW! Well, that’s what this does to you. Or it makes you want to skate (even if you don’t do it.) It’s fun, it’s fast. I sound like skate and street punk mixed together. I find that the album is goofy and cheesy, but it’s what makes it so worth listening to.

The band has 5 members that all live in the New England are. That is where they tour around most and make their silly ass music. But they have toured the country and have been on Warped Tour. So we can atleast say that this band is out there trying. Which I personally dont think they need to do. WHY? Because they are goofy and funny and we all know that a lot of people love funny shit. So if you actually have a sense of humor, you’ll love this album!

7-10 SPLIT – The Stars Have Fallen

Chances are you are not very familiar with the band 7-10 Split and to tell you the truth I wasn’t really familiar with the band until my friend bought their cd on a whim. My friend popped it in and I was totally blown away. How could a band this good and with this much talent be so unheard of?

7-10 Split brings to the table a mix of hardcore and melodic punk songs. The cd’s opening track is by far the best song bringing the two genres together more then perfect. The band likes to play a lot of metal/punk with lots of harmonics and fast palm muting. The vocals are well sung and the screaming doesn’t sound off or out of place. More towards the middle of the cd it seems that the cd starts to follows a formula. It goes like this one fast melodic punk song then one hardcore/melodic punk song. This actually flows really well. I can see fans of either genre loving this cd. If you ever come across it I recommend you pick it up immediately. This is easily one of the best bands you’ve never heard of.


” Class of ’98” is one of my favorite albums of all time. From the first track to the last, this album touches on just about every subject that was important of it’s time. From elections on ” Election Year”, to school shootings on “Hangman”. This album is a must for every person who likes the Pennywise style of punk. I actually like more that most of PW’s stuff. It really sucks that they broke up, but you can listen to the bands absolute best on ” Class of ’98”.

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