This is a really good pop-punk cd! Everything on here and about this cd is so freaken badass. Lets start with the lyrics which happen to be my favorite. Their actually really good, make sense something you can listen to for the longest time lyrics. The leads voice is great no whining which is always a plus and no screaming for no reason. The guys is actually just singing, and he does it with such meaning that just puts something more into each song like “Whatever Goodnight,” and “Sad Eyed Goodbyes.” Now this guy sounds a little Emo with the way he writes his songs.

Telling of lost love, broken hearts, and thoughts of something lost:

“I cried my eyes out, begging for you to reach down, still you watch me drown, its never good enough for you, I’m not enough for anyone, I’m not enough for anyone.”

And it gets to you, which is amazing because what bands can really send chills down yer spine and not the, this sounds like crap chills but the Oh My God where have these guys been chills. The lyrics put real feeling into the song and the way the lead sings just adds more to it all. I could go on forever about just the lyrics and what they say. They’re the kind of lyrics that most people feel and think about. Go find them or better yet buy the Cd because they’re in the cover.

Awe and the music is just as amazing! They’re like Sonny and Sonny kicks ass. They have more of a bass in there then anything and it sounds freaken great. The drums fade in and out it’s not too loud and it’s not quiet. The sound range is perfect when mixed with the lyrics. They do a lot of bass and guitar solos when switching from one part of the lyrics to another. And when the guy starts singing they slowly fade to a softer sound just so that you can here the guy. But once he stops it gets louder more punk and something you can just go see them in concert and mosh to. These guys are just freaken awesome in every way. They’re different and that’s what so great. How they mix a Punk, Pop-Punk and Emo lyrics all together. They do it in away that just in the end makes you go WHOA didn’t know they could do that.

Not only that but this Cd also happens to be enhanced to where you can watch music videos of these guys playing live and they sound unbelievable. You can see them perform the songs, “But Not Enough,” “I Want Out,” and “She’s Dreaming.” Look at pixs of the band, cd e-cards, it’s like the Agent Felix website rite on Cd for you so check it out. Go buy this Cd it’s worth the cost you lazy bum don’t be so tasteless in music!!!

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