A WILHELM SCREAM – Mute Print Album Review

Finally I get my taste of A Wilhelm Scream’s, “Mute Print.” The original release date was September 30 2003. The album was delayed because A Wilhelm Scream was in search of a bigger label. The wait was understandable, this band needs all the attention they can get and with a release like this they will quickly become one of the top bands out there.

The album really has a unique sound. I couldn’t really compare this band with any other one band. Nitro Records descried the record as being for fans of Strike Anywhere or Rise Against. To tell you the truth the only truth I see in that is that like Rise Against and Strike Anywhere both the music is fast and aggressive with scratchy but perfectly sung vocals. There are tons of harmonies all over the cd when the two guitars are not harmonizing together well then it’s the three singers that are doing the job. This band really expresses a lot of talent most evident in the stand out track, “The Rip”. The song shows somewhat of a darker and harder side of the band that the rest of the songs don’t show as much of.

I don’t really understand how this is the same band that released the cd, “A Way to a Girl’s Heart through Her Boyfriend’s Stomach” under the band name Smackin’ Isaiah. Was 7 extra months worth the wait? Well when you hear this cd any wait would be worth it. Is this the best cd of 2004? Well the year’s not over yet, but I think they set some pretty high standards for every other band that comes out with a cd this year.

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