A STATIC LULLABY – And Don’t Forget to Breathe

This is probably one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard. In the sense that when I was able to sit and chat with these guys the debut of A Static Lullaby came up. Of course you’ve heard about “…And Don’t Forget To Breathe,” by now, but what makes this album different from the rest is that every song on here is from the first songs they ever wrote before they were signed and it includes the first songs they wrote when they were signed. Which gives you two types of music and passion to listen to you can literally hear the difference of before and after.

The music is hardcore, a little Punk Hardcore with NY Hardcore you know what I mean Orange 9mm NY Hardcore and if you’ve never heard of Orange 9mm take yer head out of the ground already and go listen. This is the kind of music that’s kick yer ass don’t care hardcore, and it’s utterly irresistible, I probably listen to this album every day ever since I received it in the mail. The guitars roar and the drums are beat with the passion as if well the only way I can put it is like if you ever got in a fight and were taking the other person down. The good ole must win beat down of the drums, while the bass is played up beat making most of the background. Which yer hear more clearly in “Love To Hate, Hate To Me” and “A Sip of Whine Chased With Cyanide. But this album can go to a slower sound…only in track 3 “Withered.”

The lyrics are passionate, well written, and thought out. The leads voice is amazing, screams a lot but that kind of good scream that doesn’t annoy you, make you want to hit the guy, or whines. He does it in a way which he can sing with the passion of fires burning within while letting you hear the lyrics as well giving this singer major talent which most can really use. He can crawl within and make you feel everything he is, while getting you in the mood to start moshing.

It’s very rare that I actually write a lot about an album but when it’s as good as this is you just can’t help but bang yer point into peoples heads. This album has given the boys of A Static Lullaby a great start for their debut it makes you think of how their next CD is going to sound. Especially after hearing such songs as “Lip Gloss and Let Down,” along with “A Song With A Broken Heart.” Makes you think of those emo cry yer eyes out whining about a girl guys doesn’t it? You’d be surprised if you listened to this band. What they’ve managed to make into a debut album is one that will manage to find it’s way on the best of 2003 when it comes to my vote.

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