A SINGLE FEW – Album Review


First off, I just want to state that it’s going to be hard to say anything negative about this band, Vancouver-based A Single Few, out with their debut release You Know You Want It. Not because they’re that good, but because their music and baby-faced youthful enthusiasm reminds me of four puppies playing in the backyard. How can I say anything bad about that, I’m not that cold-hearted. But I digress. Though according to their bio A Single Few has been together for several years, they sound to me like about a million other “pop-punk” bands trying to jump on the bandwagon that has run over good music and made “punk” trendy. The same bandwagon that has led to a major-label signing spree of any band that can play their own instruments and look good on the cover of a magazine or in makeup. I have nothing against pop-punk, I love pop-punk, but it all depends on how you define it. Think Buzzcocks. All the negative things I could say about this band are perhaps best summed up in a line from one of their own songs, “You are just so cliché”. That being said, there are good things about this band. As much as I may not like it, their songs are of the catchy variety that seems to be selling so well these days, and the mainstream market seems to have no issue with buying the same record over and over again. Plus, they’re cute, I’m sure they’ll have no problem selling records to 12 year old girls. After all, a vacancy has been left in that market after the departure of Blink 182, which coincidently the band names as an act their “on-stage antics” are similar to. The sound quality of the record is really good, produced by Canadian Todd Kerns (Age of Electric, Static in Stereo) and recorded at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, which was formally the homebase of every Nickelback record. If you watch MuchMusic and love hearing the latest Fall Out Boy on the radio, you’ll probably like this record.

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