A JEALOUSY ISSUE – If The Flames Don’t Kill Us We Will

With the original singer from Poison the Well, this band is pumping out a fabulous melodic hardcore sound. Coming straight out of Florida these guys bring out all the emotion of hardcore in a plush but rough way. At first when I put it in I got a death metal feel, especially since I saw that they were from Florida. It’s got a death metal sound to it in the beginning, and then it becomes more melodic hardcore after you get past the first 2 minutes of the first song. I love the sometimes soft guitar riffs in the background at some points. The vocals are another great point, they are so forceful and when he’s doing spoken word it sounds just as great. He could of done the entire album either way and it would have been perfect, but doing both made it just that much better! The lyrics speak so much of love and egotism couldn’t ask for a such a great mass of music, vocals and lyrics to be put together. The very end of the CD is the absolute best too! I refuse to give away what it is though, you’ll just have to go get the CD and find out for yourself, I assure that most of you will recognize it.

AGAINST ME – We’re never going home

“We’re never going home” does a good job of showing many Against Me! favorites live as well as chronicling the decision of whether Against Me! should sign to a major label or not.

First of all the live songs are all very well done with excellent sound quality and some cool visual effects. The choice of live songs is the classic mix of old and new. They touch up on both their full length albums while throwing some songs from their earlier EPs.

The decision of signing to a major or not adds an interesting story element that brings everything together. I won’t be telling you what they ended up deciding though, you’ll have to watch the DVD to find out. They also have a variety of fan reactions from when they signed to Fat Wreck Chords. They do a good job of showing both good and bad reactions.

On top of that there are lots of behind the scenes antics. One scene in particular where they lock Taking Back Sunday in their dressing room stands out in my mind. Extras on the DVD also include deleted scenes, an Against Me! drinking game and a tour of Fat Wreck Chords by none other than Floyd.

Against Me! has succeeded in making a DVD that is more than just a collection of live songs. It actually gives you insight into the band and is just a blast to watch. I must admit the drinking game is a little too much fun…

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