Coffee Project Writes Song About PRC

Posted by Danny G. Keyes Wed Jun 9 12:54:01 EDT 2010

The Coffee Project comprised of good Buddys Schaub (Less Than Jake) and Jake Crown (Rehasher) just released a brand new album titled “Moved On”, which comes out only as a vinyl LP but includes a CD version. This is the coolest way to release music in PRC’s opinion, but this is getting way off topic. To promote the release of the new album the band decided to write a quick but super sweet song about yours truly… PunkRadioCast! How cool is that eh?

For one week only we will be offering a free download of the song through our sister website Also for the entire week we will also be selling the album Moved On on LP/CD for an insanely cheap price ($10.75). All this is starting Thursday June 10th 2010 at the stroke of midnight!

Buy Coffee Project – Moved On (LP+CD)

Download Coffee Project – PunkRadioCast Song

Old School Punk Weekend Only PRC

Posted by Danny G. Keyes Sat Apr 24 11:24:33 EDT 2010

We’ve worked really hard to bring you this weekend’s event. The weekend is about spinning 48 hours of “Old Skool” Punk music, while every hour on the hour you will hear guest DJ spots from the likes of Stephen Egerton of Descendents/All, Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly/Original Bunny Gang, Sam Williams of Down By Law/Denial Fiend, Vadge Moore of Dwarves/Chthonic Force, Blag Dahlia of Dwarves/Candy Now!, Bobby Steele of The Undead/Misfits. The Guest DJs run through a list of Punk songs they think the public should get to know and explain the reasons why. We call it a lesson in Punk Rock from the guys who know best on the topic. Please pass this flier on to everyone you know!!! Don’t forget to tell ‘em that PRC is an internet punk station streaming 24/7 globally, accessible from any device that can surf the web including smart phones. Rock on!

THIS JUST IN: Shawn Stern Of Youth Brigade added to guest DJ lineup

THIS JUST IN: Joe Sib of WAX/Complete Control Radio added to guest DJ lineup

Ambush CD Listening Party This Monday

Posted by Danny G. Keyes Fri Mar 26 21:16:00 EDT 2010

Tune in live on MONDAY March 29th at 8pm EST for the PRC/Mediaskare CD Listening Party with featured band Ambush! PRC DJ Steven Blaqart will be hangin' with Ambush! guitarist Grant Fury for close to 2 hours of track by track commentary. These guys have so much to say you can't shut 'em up!! True viewpoints on Politics, Religion, Same Sex Marriage, and Friendship!! Nothing is held back. Don't miss this DANGEROUS and FREE sampling of the upcoming Ambush! album Fright Night on Mediaskare Records right here on PRC Radio.

Click here to see the show flyer!